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Install esdoc2 and standard-plugin from npm.

cd your-project/
npm install --save-dev esdoc2 esdoc2-standard-plugin
./node_modules/.bin/esdoc2 -h


The minimum configuration is the following JSON. All configurations are here.


  "source": "./src",
  "destination": "./docs",
  "plugins": [
    {"name": "esdoc2-standard-plugin"}

esdoc2 automatically finds the configuration file path by the order, if you don't specify -c esdoc2.json.

  1. .esdoc2.json in the current directory
  2. .esdoc2.js in the current directory
  3. esdoc2 property in package.json

Writing Tags

esdoc2 supports some documentation tags(aka. jsdoc tags). All tags are here.

 * this is MyClass.
export default class MyClass {
   * @param {number} a - this is a value.
   * @param {number} b - this is a value.
   * @return {number} result of the sum value.
  sum(a, b){
    return a + b;

And run esdoc2.

open ./docs/index.html